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Azzanation said:
COKTOE said:

Why do you say these things? Do you not see the correlation between revenue potential and sold platforms, which grant the ability for one to, and in most cases is a requirement to do so, subscribe to XBL, which is itself a launching pad to further "Profit/Revenue"? If The XBO had sold 10 million less, would it's profit and revenue be the same as it is now? How about if it had sold 100 million more? Please feel free not to respond, because if you come at me with anything other than silence or contrition, I will tear you a new ass so expertly, that it will be your new, defacto asshole.

Hmm lets see.. lets say hypothetically if MS sold each X1 for only $50 and managed to sell 200mill consoles this generation, does that mean there more successful than there opposition, does that make them the best? Because they sold more consoles? Your logic means yes it does, if all you go by is hardware numbers. Its clear all sales do is start nothing but dick measuring contests that does nothing but downplay another platform because 1 sold less than the other. Instead how about we see who is actually making more profits and revenue? Sounds more professional to me than petty console numbers that does not always lead to more success. Clearly they are able to buy new studios and still want to make consoles so they must be doing alright don't you think?

Also with your logic, the PS4 has sold twice the amount of XB1s, Basing my info on below stats, it seems PS4 have 34.5m Paid subscribers, not 80m, now considering Xbox is more online heavy and they have 59m MAU across the board, Its possible to have a healthy amount of paid members with less HW sales. More consoles will help BUT its not the be all end all method. Its not impossible to have more Paid subscribers on a user base with less hardware sold than one with more hardware sold. Its the offerings on each system. Why do you think MS focus a lot on online games? Also keep in mind I am not saying Xbox have more paid member than PS. MS don't solely rely on XB1, that's just 1 product they use to promote Live.


Bottom line, I think MS grew up, they thrown out the thrash talk and give the numbers that actually make a difference to a business. Good on them.

As for your last sentence, try me.

Errorist76 said:

What has changed to the last 4 years? More promises, more far away goals, even another console AGAIN? Already? and nothing on the horizon that gets delivered, except, well, another Horizon game.

Umm 5 new studios, a new next gen Xbox, GamePass, Cross play.. was that a serious question? Oh wait.. its you Errorist76.

5 new studios of which two already developed for MS exclusively. One is mediocre, another one brand new and unproven and only one is true matter to boast about...Ninja Theory. 

I said it before..to me it looks like more smoke and mirrors, just like their “18 exclusives” at E3 of which 10 actually weren’t exclusives and 3 were Gears games. It seems they’re always telling half-truths hiding the true facts behind fiction.

You really shouldn’t complain if people call them out for this.