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Azzanation said:
hunter_alien said:

Not when your brand is faltering for 5 years straight and chances are that next-gen you will have even lower numbers, especially when your 2 rivals obviously buckled down for the long-run. 

But maybe some people are just OK playing "MS Financial Results 2018" and simply gave up for this gen.

Or maybe.. MS are smart and realised that console numbers leads to nothing but dick measuring contests which does nothing but promote fanboy wars. So they stick to the numbers that actually matter to the company, making money which seems there doing well.

You honestly dont think MS has bucklet down on the Xbox brand? I mean they just brought 5 Studios and announced another Xbox.. your logic is strange

What has changed to the last 4 years? More promises, more far away goals, even another console AGAIN? Already? and nothing on the horizon that gets delivered, except, well, another Horizon game.