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pxrocks said:
This is what happens when you have more online subscription on the platform than actual exclusive games.this actually proves that consumer don't care about exclusives.i hope playstation and Nintendo take note and create more online subscription services rather than investing in expensive exclusive games(which PC gamers don't get to enjoy) .it will be good for them and also for the consumer.

Yeah, no. Considering that MS is currently dead-last in console sales pretty much every sign points to the fact that this is clearly not the model to follow and that Sony and Nintendo are the ones who actually know what gamers want and not the other way around. I am more than willing to pay extra for quality exclusives, no subscription required (though I personally do pay for PS+).

Remember, MS =/= Xbox brand. 

OT: good results as always, and healthy growth for the gaming sector. Albeit logic would dictate that a growing install-base will consume more software and a 500$ late-gen console upgrade will bump those numbers up.