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Cobretti2 said:
Seriously broken record would burn out by now this is beyond that lol.

Unless Russia sent millions of its citizens into the US to vote on behalf of others there is nothing illegal here.

Maybe blame facebook for putting ads that weak minded people supposedly changed their vote to trump instead of Hilary last minute.

Hell when I message my wife about maybe we shoudl have pizza for dinner on facebook and suddenly their is about 10 local pizza ads around me on my facebook account doesn't mean I have to use one of them lol. NOW THAT IS MORE SCARY THAT YOUR PM CONVERSATIONS CONVERT TO ADS.


CuCabeludo said:

They will keep crying until Trump term ends. Not rep nor dem, I'm libertarian, and this whole left mental meltdown since 2016 when it was announced Trump won is ridiculous.

The issue here isn't the legitimacy of the investigation and Russian meddling but that the US President is throwing HIS OWN intelligence community under the bus and not condemning the Russians.