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Soundwave said:
Plenty of conservatives going in, but they don't realize Trump can't do anything. If he gets too tough, Russia will drop the compromising info they have on him and he's fucked.

lol, this situation is hilarious.

Joe Walsh and Arnold have always been against Trump. They're WHY I voted for Trump.

Also, you said Trump only had a 1% chance of winning the election - your record is worse than Enron's when it comes to predictions lol. You're batting at a whopping 0.000

Back during the Bush era, Democrats would complain about intelligence agencies ALL the time.

Here is a 2002 article about FBI FISA abuses: https://www.nytimes.com/2002/08/23/us/secret-court-says-fbi-aides-misled-judges-in-75-cases.html

So why should I believe you now? Give me one good reason.