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sundin13 said:
massimus said:
Exactly, it’s not voter fraud so what the fuck is the investigation about? Russian Facebook ads determined our elections!

Twelve Russians were just indicted, like, two days ago. At this point, you don't really have any grounds to plead ignorance.

Indicted for what? What does it have to do with the elections? That’s what this whole investigation is about lol.. How much of it can you really attribute? What did the indicted Russians plea? Did they show up? Some did, just to plea not guilty. A Russian national doesn’t have to show up in our court system, Putin didn’t hand them over. We learned a lot about other corruption during this election as well, it was always bad but it’s just plain embarrassing now. I’m on high ground (no pun intended), nose bleed seats watching this dumb shit unfold. I’m just asking questions, it’s how the ignorant learn right?