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Nem said:
Slimebeast said:

Socialists and globalists will smear any leader who protects the independence of his nation and people.

Evert people deserves the right for self determination and to decide his own destiny, but there are strong evil forces that seek to mold all of the world's unique people into a melting pot that lacks culture, tradition and identity.


So... separate we are stronger? Amazing backwards logic completely disregarding the huge ammount of human life loss that built the world order that brought us 70 years of peace in the west. But, some can't be bothered with history and just wish to repeat the same mistakes and get stuck in a perpetual cycle of mistakes. We are not all different. We are all the same species. Yet, you go out of your way to find ways to hate others like you. Besides, i'm sure you were all flowers towards Obama with that logic. But hey, i can play that game: Conservatists and capitalists will do anything to smear any leader That wishes for the progress and survival of the human species! You know, it's funny because the USA has always been a melting pot. Who are you? Are you sure you are entitled to be an american? Your ancestors were not from that land. They were immigrants. It's such a flawed logic it's sad. It's easy to shout populist short sighted propaganda. It doesn't make it right.

Don't waste your time here. You can't rationally explain it to people who are ignorant of history. For them, naively, these are things of the past that could not possibly happen again. Or some people just want to see the world burn ...  as long as it's not happening on their front yard, of course.

Anyways, unions work and Europe, in particular, learnt their lesson hard way ... twice. Like John Bruton used to say: "The European Union is the world's most successful invention for advancing peace" and I simply can't refute that. United we stand, divided we fall. As simple as that.