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Errorist76 said:
Immersiveunreality said:
The American left has turned full masshysteria since Trump got elected, has nothing to do with facts anymore and it kinda turned into a paranoid religion.
And you can say what you want but Putin is a more intellectual strong leader than most of the american ones,better to have Russia as a friend instead of hypocitically marking them as the bad guys.

And yeah also look up on Hillarys connections and Obamas connections with Russia, does that make them Russian tools?
Talking about tools,those involved in this masshysteria are the biggest.

There’s only one person responsible for the mass hysteria and it’s no democrat. You only need to be a decent human being to understand that.

I know a lot of decent human beings that think differently, that bolded statement is a very black and white thing to think but you have to freedom to do so offcourse .