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Pagan said:
numberwang said:

Amazing! Nato members should not pay their contractual duties, fbi & cia have no agenda and never lied the US into wars before, Obama did not push for regime change and founded moderate terrorists with billions, illegal aliens do not commit crime, jokes are not allowed, some people said something, Trump voters are deplorable, Germany is not dependent on Russian gas (just what a Russian tool would say) etc...

I am a jewish kurd and i can assure you that alot of people in syria want the get rid of assad. Assad must go like saddam. Next is iran. They are hanging anyone who just thinks differently. Iran need a regime change too. Where is the Problem here?

a lot of people wanted to be rid of obama too... does that give russia the right to arm those people with chemical weapons so they can stage attacks that can then be pinned on obama so that a war can be justified?






it has been known for a long time by anyone who actually cares about what is going on that the rebels in syria are linked to al qaeda and have been since the beginning

i don't understand how people are still buying this bullshit narrative especially after iraq... its absolutely insane lol

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