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Machiavellian said:
This should be interesting from here on out. I will keep this thread in mind when the next person acts the country fool, but people support that person and believe they should not get fired. I wonder if there is a double standard because I have definitely seem people support others that are abusive and say how they like how that person doesn't take any crap etc. Either way, anyone who acts like her should get the boot but then again, its social media in general where a lot of people should just not use it. I know a lot of guys who are my friends but I would instantly tell them not to get on Twitter or Facebook at least not public because they are A holes. I believe we all have A holes who are our friends but they are our A holes and you know the internet was not made for them and their opinion. Either way, I see this drama going on for the end of the year.

She overreacted to a civil tweet from a fan of guild wars and she repeatedly tried to play the victim. She wasn't joking. She was being a cunt over it.

Just try to compare that to the papa john owner having to step down over describing racism during a meeting and someone getting offended by it.