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Imaginedvl said:
Stefan.De.Machtige said:

If the finale is between England and France, i won't be watching it. The huge level of boringness might kill me .

Hum, looked at your profile. Belgium, explains Sorry for the lose!

But let's be real, France is killing it.
I would love a France / England finale and see France winning its second world cup there!

But looking at the second half of the game, Croatia is definitely deserving the win, so it will probably end up being Croatia in final to win the silver!

I wasn't surprised when they folded on a wall of real resistence. They have been doing that since 2014. I had some hope they could pull through. It is what it is.

France did win because they were better on a functional level. I'm not a huge soccer fan but i need some spectable, and not fortress warfare between similar teams.


O_o, i don't think it's coming home now...

I would give Croatia the Cup .

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