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LipeJJ said:

He also said stupid things about Brazil after the match. He seemed offended that Brazilians expected Brazil to trump Belgium. I mean, does he know a thing about football? Any fan of the big football nations (Spain, Germany, Argentina, etc) would expect them to beat Belgium because these fans are used to winning and stuff, while Belgium is a newcomer in this territory. 

He was such a hypocrite in the comment you quoted too... France is definitely not “playing like Panama”. Not to mention, if anyone “played like Panama” it was Belgium, who defended the whole second half against Brazil. They also got lucky against Japan. If the goalkeeper hadn’t utterly failed in their first goal they wouldn’t even be there. In the end, Belgium got lucky to even get to the semifinals, while France carved their way there being the better team on both round of 16 and quarterfinals. Courtois hasn’t any rights to criticize France.

Courtois is an arrogant cunt and this is coming form a Chelsea fan.Belgium got to the semi's through an own goal and ref bias.They defended for their lives in the second half of that game,now has the balls to talk shit about defending.I am glad as fuck they lost.

Yeah, not everybody's going to play like Japan and continue to attack when they have the lead.