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Carl said:
I am so fucking nervous about tonight.

Understandably, Croatia's midfield is terrifying and they have a man on top who can hit the goal (unlike Giroud, Toivonen and some other, tall strikers in the WC), as well as good wingers. Their weakness is a fairly aged squad, all in all, which limits their physical capacity a little bit, and they lack some pace on their defensive line (but make up for it by being incredibly good at reading the play and great positioning).

On paper, it should be an even match, more or less. It's hard to tell since England has yet to face proper opposition with any stakes (the Belgium match was favorable to lose after all), and Croatia has been brilliant but were run into the ground by Russia and their insane physical play. I honestly have no idea who wins, but I think Croatia has a slight edge, if only for having a more experienced crew and generally having a better track record in both WC and EC competitions.

I wonder how my mate Paul is doing; he's from London but lives and owns a tavern in Split, Croatia! Probably watching from home, curtains drawn and volume low!

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