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Dankaroo said:
You're focusing on the wrong things. All of the switch pictures are better - Snake and Zero Suit Samus benefit from Physically Based Rendering which means lighting is more natural based on the material of cloth they are wearing. In the Wii version, lighting was pre-baked on the character, and the Zero Suit Samus in Smash 4 has unnatural glow which gives the cloth material a very plastic look.

Wii Fit trainer's and Zero Suit Samus' hair looks to have a much higher texture quality and higher polycount.

Don't focus on the actual textures, focus on texture quality. Don't focus on raw lighting, look at the lighting engine. Don't focus on pure reflections, focus on physically based rendering. Smash Bros Switch is a superior product visually.

That sounds like something a Kirby fan would say to try and convince that rainbow curse looks better than The Last of Us. Im not buying it.