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TheBird said:
This makes absolutely no sense. Racist groups like the "KKK" are completely different from ACTUAL terrorist groups like "ISIS" and "Al Quaeda". How the hell do you recruit people to be a neo nazi? It's either you were raised ignorant or you weren't, you can't just be recruited and turned into a racist instantly.

It makes perfect sense. I've heard a lot of stories from ex-Neo Nazis who discuss how they got involved in those groups. In many if not most situations, they grew up in a normal household with normal parents. The way Neo-Nazis go after unsuspecting youth is they find venerable people and befriend them. Maybe it might be a kid who's getting bullied in school. It might be a kid who's parents are getting divorced. Maybe one of their parents lost their job and they're going through hard times. Whatever it is, they befriend these kids and they don't promote Nazi propaganda right away. They do it slowly, over time. They convince kids that their problems are somehow someone else's fault. It works even better if the school bully turns out to be black or if the father's boss just happens to be Jewish. Over time, they become what we see as Neo-Nazis. So there is a method to recruiting kids, not unlike terrorist organizations and the recruitment is often done a period of time. 

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