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taus90 said:

I think you missed the whole point of where he is coming from.. Like me he was or still is ND fan and as someone who aspires to work there someday, I have been following every news devs diary since like forever its not hard to notice that things are getting skewed towards an "Agenda" and looking at ND stance right now it feels ND flag on SJ commentary is flying a bit higher than their priority of making class leading games, and if you dig a little bit up more its not hard to find the person who is spear heading this is Neil Druckman. And I was one of those people who had been defending and praising Neil and Bruce take over of UC4 from Amy Hening, coz i loved neils writing so much, But man I was wrong. And I wont be surprised if we find out that Amy Hening left coz she was told to alter the story to suit this agenda or if she had some female character planned for the game.

Sure Introduce your SJW characters but don't flag them as a pole barring mascot for the community or for people who hardly care about narrative in video game or let alone play them, it comes off as an agenda. Now It feels as if ND is developing story to suit SJW characters to make a point, rather than story dictating the characters.

But when all said is done, I do feel if the gamer's really do see this stupid movement spoiling their fav franchise they will not buy it, like I have stopped after UC4.

I write an essay, and this is the reply I get. Most of this is stuff I literally addressed.

Oh well.