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Well damn I should have read all the pages.

You practically gave away in the OP what you famous for, BBC Podcast + March + Denmark lol

Being famous is a short term high which is hard to handle as its a quick rush, especially for an introvert, you really need to be egotistic to love a lot of attention and praise, normal people it drains on them. Unfortunately in the world that we live in, the more famous you are the more tired you get as all that attention is tiring and you have to be careful what you say (the internet has connected us and there is little were we can escape to) and it can be draining. You also need a thick skin to block out the negativity or that mentally drains you even further as the brain is not resting. Even on a smaller scale whether it is work or social events, we put on a persona that fits that circle so that we feel connected and part of that group. Other the years we develop man personas that we use with different groups.

We are truly ourselves when alone but then from being alone and boredom we start wondering why we are alone and whether there is something wrong.

It's a never ending cycle of wanting to be liked and then being over exhausted from too much attention.