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Nem said:

Also, why doesn't violence illicit the same response? We all know school shootings are a common occurrence. Have you never practiced Street fighter moves as a child? How is it different?

I'm not saying that violence in video games has no effect on the person playing, there's many studies and debates about that and people come to different conclusions, that's another discussion. But what I'm talking about is general responses to the content.

If you see something sexual on screen the general response for most people is Arousal, be it Movie, Game or Book. The response in real life to a sexual situation is also Arousal.

The response to violence in a Movie, Game or Book varies based on the person but for most they're just having fun, whereas if they are in a violent situation in real life there response is not "I'm having fun", the general response to violence is terror. This is the difference.

Sex on Screen - Aroused
Sex IRL - Aroused

Violence on screen - Fun
Violence IRL - Terror

It's instinctive that we're in danger in a real violent situation, whereas when it comes to sexual situations there is no danger (at least for the instigator) so the reaction to onscreen and real is the same with sex, but not with violence.

Nem said: 

Screw this though. I am not gonna be accused of defending something i'm not for pointing out the hypocrisy.

I apologise for taking your words the wrong way, I assumed you were saying both were ok, rather than saying both were wrong.

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