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Barkley said:
Nem said:

No, that is not a child. It's a drawing.


Also, there's no fondling. There's moving the analog sticks.


See, i have trouble with this. People not being able to differentiate reality from games and then saying one is ok depicting murder but the other one isn't for depicting suggestion. It's completely arbitrary.

It's a drawing of a child. That's why it's called a "depiction" because it's not real, doesn't mean it's ok.

The difference between violence and sex is that sex on screen and in real life illicits the same response, arousal. Violence on the screen and violence in real life does not illicit the same response.

Don't defend the sexual depiction of a child in a game designed to sexually arouse the player. It doesn't matter if it's a drawing or not, the game is saying "hey look it's a child, get off on this."

I'm not defending no option. I'm saying it makes no sense to consider one something and the other something else. It's hypocrisy.  Both need to be censored in my opinion or none.

Also, why doesn't violence illicit the same response? We all know school shootings are a common occurrence. Have you never practiced Street fighter or Mortal Kombat moves as a child? How is it different?


Screw this though. I am not gonna be accused of defending something i'm not for pointing out the hypocrisy.

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