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flashfire926 said:
1) Shadow of the Tomb Raider (XBO)
2) Red Dead Redemption II (XBO)
3) the actual real pokemon game (2019, NS)
4) Assassins Creed Odyssey (XBO)
5) Team Sonic Racing (XBO)

This might completely change after E3.

1) Shadow of the Tomb Raider (XBO)

2) Forza Horizon 4 (XBO)

3) Assassins Creed Odyssey (XBO)

4) The non-genwunner cash-in pokemon game (NS, 2019)

5) Cyberpunk 2077 (XBO)

Honorable mentions:

The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield (god knows what platform)

The Elder Scrolls Blades

Team Sonic Racing

Just Cause 4


Bet with Intrinsic:

The Switch will outsell 3DS (based on VGchartz numbers), according to me, while Intrinsic thinks the opposite will hold true. One month avatar control for the loser's avatar.