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Mcube said:
Lauster said:

Except that if you first connect your account to your Xbox or your Switch you will not be able to connect with this account on your PS4.

If you blame to not be warned, blame EG, it's their page you see when you connect your account to a console network (but oddly they know how to warn when you want to disconnect your account).

You can from Xbox still connect to both Nintendo PC and mobile the fault is at sony´s there is no denying it. 

Maybe I misinterpreted it, but I thought in the context of your previous text that actions were done one after other.

(1-Create your account on PC

2-Connect to your Xbox/Switch

3-Connect to your PS4

4-Can't reconnect to your Xbox/Switch because of your previous connection to PS4) 

That's why I made the precision in my first sentance. In this case, the step 3 is impossible.


You're confusing between Sony's position on the Crossplay (attackable in its posture, but maybe you do not know all the ins and outs behind this case, are you a little bit aware of the Microsoft Crossplay terms before you make your opinion?) and not to warn about the consequences of an account assignment for which only EG is responsible.