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MasterThief said:
CGI-Quality said:

I assume you're saying that's what happens with studios under Sony. Couldn't be further from the truth. Evolution Studios and Zipper Interactive had several duds before the teams were disbanded, for example. And, that's not 100% a fault of Sony's. Those teams weren't pulling their weight, and in this business, that's money you're costing your employer. No one knows what went on behind closed doors, but it's obvious that they had many more problems than any of Sony's other teams.

icognito got closed while making an 85 meta game warhawk as a final title

and Guerrila cambridge was the most headscratching closure ever along with liverpool. they made very cool unique stuff that was never a dud 

he has a point

Those two studios closed and new studios not under Sony were created. They struck a deal with Sony to open their own studios and their first projects were Playstation exclusives. Starhawk by lightbox interactive and Guerilla cambridge had most of the employees absorbed into other SIE studios and they even had some go full indie and they are making a game called Röki which is not an exclusive i believe but they are getting some support to have it be released there.