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CGI-Quality said:

Yeah, this idea that acquisitions cause "gamers to suffer" is misguided. They've happened all throughout this industry's history. They are inevitable, and the average person (those who don't sit on Gaming Forums) has no idea who owns what. They just know if a game comes out, and it is only for one platform, and they really want said game, they're going to need the platform it is available on (as we've always done). Guess what? "Gamers" are fine. And, if they aren't, then acquisitions shouldn't happen at all (according to some of you). So, Microsoft should be held under the same microscope for the Ninja Theory acquisition. They are "bad for gamers", after all. No exceptions to that rule. You have to stick by it..... It's "bad"!

Of course, I don't personally feel like that, but this tip-toeing around "hurting gamers" gets to be annoying (just like any other tired, recycled, "trendy" phrases people love to use today). The hypothetical "push back" would come and go like the Seasons. It's not a big deal.

That said, Insomniac is happy where they are and love working with Sony. I feel if an acquisition happened, it would be because they finally feel good enough to make the merge, rather than an aggressive buyout from Sony.

My feeling is Insomniac deciding to go with anybody would come down to either their financial position or Ted Price retiring rather than any kind of feeling , on Sony's side they have to be mindful of past industry  acquisitions where the top creative people leave before any type of legacy can be created,this goes double for studios with the same leadership since inception  at least with someone like say bioware you have gained their portfolio,unlike Insomniac who's portfolio is made up in the majority by Sony IP.

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