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BraLoD said:
Are people really trying to say Sony is sitting on their asses because of this? Really?
Just now they have 3 new big IPs in full development with a lot of gameplay shown and one looking better than the other (Days Gone, Dreams, Ghost of Tsushima).
Their other studios just came out from stuff as Horizon and God of War. Plus GT Sport that wasn't that hot. The others have announced sequels (Naughty Dog), collabs (Japan Studios) or in working stages of development. They also just got one of the most wonderful remakes ever released with Shadow of the Colossus contracted with Bluepoint. They even finished The Last Guardian.
They are working close with very talented people (Hideo Kojima) and studios (Insomniac) to bring high quality exclusives from outside too.
What fucking else do you guys expect them to announce at this point of time? (Aside of a dream like The Legend of Dragoon)
Sony is sitting on its ass? The PS4 is leaps and bounds better than the PS3 in every sense. Even than the PS2.
Get your act together.

The conference was horrid. I really don't get why they said they were going to have a big dive on those 4 games? They showed the same content as they usually do in previous E3 regarding their 1st party games.  I was expecting see Kojima explaining the game after the trailer and give us more context at least, or the director of TLOU2 explaining WHERE THE FU(K is Joel; or more explanation of the combat of Ghost of Tsushima.

Considering what they said they were going to show (BIG DIVE) it was an utter disappointment.

Having said so, Ghost of Tsuhima and Spiderman were phenomenal along with the RE2 reveal.  But still those are the things you would expect on a normal E3, NOT IN A "BIG DIVE"


EDIT they are streaming RE2 GAMEPLAY on Live.playstation.com..... WHY THE HELL THEY DID NOT SHOWED THIS AT THE CONFERENCE!!!! I dont know what Sony is thinking!!!