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darkenergy said:
chakkra said:

You say that, but when I look at the top 10 games on the PS4 I only see one exclusive there (ONE!).  And the second best selling exclusive falls in the 14th spot with 6.5m units sold.  Which means that only 8% of the PS4 owners went out of their way to buy the SECOND BEST selling exclusive on the platform.  So sorry, but it looks to me that the majority of PS4 buyers are actually playing  CoD, Fifa and GTA right now. 

No matter how many times this has been said they just ignore it.

but hey switch doesn't have majority of those third party title but still is conveniently outselling Xbox One! I wonder why?? It doesnt matter how much exclusives sells, it gives assurance to the consumer that there is a diverse line up and console manufacturer will have a great support and not abandon the system like MS did with 360 and sony did with Vita, and Cocky nintendo with Wii U by ignoring the third party