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DonFerrari said:
Podings said:

Well let me add to my rant. Creators can appeal to whoever they goddamn please for whichever reason they goddamn please, be it whether they have good reason for just wanting to, or that they are "told to" by interest groups, their own bosses, their marketing department, or their dicks.

Games were never NOT meant to be sold to someone, and you can just NOT buy the games that you don't like.

Yes as much as they can do whatever they want with their products, consumer can complain. So why the need to attack OP and do name calling?

I didn't at any point call anyone names.

And I certainly did not tell OP that he can't do a rant.
What I did do was inform him that he sounded about as entitled as the people he feel companies are ruining their games trying to appeal to.