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CGI-Quality said:
HoloDust said:

Completely agree - megathreads tend to get all over the place very fast.

Besides, if it's not against official rules, I don't see why should anyone ("I'm imposing") get the urge to pass this type of decree...bad threads fizzle out quickly anyway.

The Forum Rules are a guideline (a common misconception around here). Besides, Mods can close/edit any thread if they see fit to do so (also in the rules, if we want to take it there).

I'm not saying we need a bunch of Megathreads either, but a new thread for every opinion piece or viewpoint, in addition to, announcements turns into clutter very quickly and that's why we're tightening things up some. And not all of those threads are "bad", per se, so the 'fizzling out' talk would only apply in rare cases.

So the forums rules are like the pirate's code!

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