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Nautilus said:

What?Why?I find this idea of locking "Reactionary" threads so foolish.

Dont get me wrong, I think the rules should still apply.If someone goes to create one purely to shit on something and dosent have anything constructive AT ALL then i agree it should be locked.But if someone goes to create a thread called "Bethesda conference this year was boring" and writes good arguments to back up on this claim, even if it harsh, why lock it?Why kill discussion?Its just a dumb decision all around.

Gotta be honest, everytime I saw this stupid temporary rule around the internet I always thought to myself "Man, why do this?Why kill the fun and thoughts of the other users on this subject?" and was always glad that VGC never done this, at least not to that extent.now I cant say the same.Shame.

Cant that person just express his or her opinion in the official Bestheda e3 thread? Because if 1 person created his or her own thread, then multiple people will do it too. 

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