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Podings said:
KingCherry said:

Creators are increasingly being told who to appeal to, isn't that the point of the original comment? So it's not exactly sincere ranting that creators 'can appeal to whoever the goddam please'.

Well let me add to my rant. Creators can appeal to whoever they goddamn please for whichever reason they goddamn please, be it whether they have good reason for just wanting to, or that they are "told to" by interest groups, their own bosses, their marketing department, or their dicks.

Games were never NOT meant to be sold to someone, and you can just NOT buy the games that you don't like.

Yes as much as they can do whatever they want with their products, consumer can complain. So why the need to attack OP and do name calling?

FentonCrackshell said:
At one point the people who whined about there being no representation were the worst. Now the people who are angry that there is representation are the actual whiners. Take the new Gears trailer for instance. It showed and no SJW jumped on how the main is female. It just released, looked cool, and people liked it. But the first post about it is some guy crying that a woman is the lead.

See, my take on these divisive things has always been that the first real step we'll take toward equality is when we can all show up in the same setting and it all be seen as normal. What I mean by this is that when whites can make racial jokes and not have to apologize or when a woman can be the star of an alien shooter and not have some insecure male cry because the alien shooter that’s always had a superman who can singlehandedly dispatch an entire alien army with unlimited firepower is suddenly “unrealistic” because now there’s a woman who can do the same thing. But in the end SJWs whine too much. And anti-SJWs whine about that all the time. EQUALITY!!!

Yes, equally can be very moronic.

Ripley was a regular woman, so she fought with woman strength and won because of her wits. If it was fantasy and she was super powerful then she handling them as let's say superwoman wouldn't be an issue at all. Issue would only be if she was regular woman but with power exceeding a strong male in very exaggerated way that suspension of disbelief couldn't cover.

I think it's bad if you try to use reality/story as base but do totally wrong things, like have Asian and black Asgardians, female knight division, etc. Now if it's fantasy, droids or whatever that is loosely based on real world or myths then you are free to do whatever you want (but as someone put in another post in this thread, the current problem that SJW brought is when a woman lead is cast several times they make her flawless and capable of solving everything alone and it makes it boring... which is my problem with Superman, that they make so overpowered that they need further shenanigans to try and make a conflict).

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