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Ryuu96 said:
Imaginedvl said:

No Fable was a bummer for sure :) Was hoping for it and maybe a new Splinter Cell at the conference... 

What make you think it is Halo 6? I am really not so convinced, why dropping the number all together in the trilogy...

Two years after Halo 5 and Master Chief is the main character....I'd be worried if they spun-off Chief in a game set after Halo 5.

I find it weird they're dropping the number when the current trilogy isn't done, however it's a Saga now and they said before that the numbering would go eventually, maybe It's just another effort to make it look sort of like a soft reboot, I'm not sure....I'm curious to find out more...Cautiously optimistic.

Yes, would make sense :) I'm very curious to find out about the game, this trailer sounded (and looked) so much that good old Halo:CE, I'm really looking forward to learn more about it and this scene with the Warthog and the Halo vista could be a hint to something more open-word... Why not..