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Podings said:
KingCherry said:

Creators are increasingly being told who to appeal to, isn't that the point of the original comment? So it's not exactly sincere ranting that creators 'can appeal to whoever the goddam please'.

Well let me add to my rant. Creators can appeal to whoever they goddamn please for whichever reason they goddamn please, be it whether they have good reason for just wanting to, or that they are "told to" by interest groups, their own bosses, their marketing department, or their dicks.

Games were never NOT meant to be sold to someone, and you can just NOT buy the games that you don't like.

I rather them not fuck up the IP in the first place because I'm a fan of it. I want it to stay around. It's stupid to just let sjws/activists ruin everything by being quiet to their antics then voting with your wallet after-the-fact. So it certainly matters to the fanbase (the consumers) why the company does something that's not in line with their wants.