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At one point the people who whined about there being no representation were the worst. Now the people who are angry that there is representation are the actual whiners. Take the new Gears trailer for instance. It showed and no SJW jumped on how the main is female. It just released, looked cool, and people liked it. But the first post about it is some guy crying that a woman is the lead.

See, my take on these divisive things has always been that the first real step we'll take toward equality is when we can all show up in the same setting and it all be seen as normal. What I mean by this is that when whites can make racial jokes and not have to apologize or when a woman can be the star of an alien shooter and not have some insecure male cry because the alien shooter that’s always had a superman who can singlehandedly dispatch an entire alien army with unlimited firepower is suddenly “unrealistic” because now there’s a woman who can do the same thing. But in the end SJWs whine too much. And anti-SJWs whine about that all the time. EQUALITY!!!


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