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RuiOrey said:
DonFerrari said:

Most of the complains about forced diversity is when it's done in cases like these.

Which also answer your other question, even more because 10 years ago several of the means people use to complain today didn't exist so you wouldn't have uphoars on those. But you can be sure if they decided to make catwoman a man in the 90's it would still be bad, just you wouldn't heard much.

I try to be patient and I like to discuss.

Ok. From what I see for example about new games on E3 I see battlefield and tomb raider having a female character.. much less than male characters. But let's see what you get on E3 if is that extraordinary emphasis. In my view is too much exaggerated and a distraction for people to be divided. Bet let's see.


About patience, man if you are tolerating me I can stop. I'm just trying to discuss and it is interesting for me.. That is the reason for foruns to exist I believe. 


Nope, not having to tolerate you. I think he was talking more on all the talks here with ad hominem, fallacies and other non-sense.

TR uses suspension of disbelief as does UC or CoD. But certain historical elements being disregarded is a problem.

Also on the forced diversity we have for example Thor with black and Asian asgardians.

Azuren said:
We need more roles filled like how they filled Ripley's role in Alien:

Write a unisex role. If a love interest is necessary, make that love interest unisex as well. Fill the role with the best actor for the part (best pairing if a love interest is necessary), and that's it. Don't write a strong female for the purpose of having a strong female, because that character will likely suck.

Yep Ripley was an excellent and believable char

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