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RuiOrey said:
DonFerrari said:

Your search would be as good as mine on this glory site =p

I don't keep close attention to it, but someone just made the Boxart of a prostetic woman fighting in WW2 I believe for Battlefield.

Ok, so I've watched trailers for battlefield 3 and 4. For me it seemed like a Michael Bay ultra-americanized "reality".
So not properly accurate in terms of reality.
Is that the problem with the new also? Lack of sincrony with reality?

And one more thing: ok I understand this is about Battlefield V boxart and trailer. Are there more examples of games with an "over" - I call it "more than usual" -  emphasis on diversitivy?

Most of the complains about forced diversity is when it's done in cases like these.

Which also answer your other question, even more because 10 years ago several of the means people use to complain today didn't exist so you wouldn't have uphoars on those. But you can be sure if they decided to make catwoman a man in the 90's it would still be bad, just you wouldn't heard much.

EnricoPallazzo said:
DonFerrari I really admire your patience on dealing with those "arguments".
I really dont know how you can have such a patience. Reading all these comments all I can think is that famous Mark Twain quote.

I try to be patient and I like to discuss.

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