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DonFerrari said:
the-pi-guy said:

Can you point me to this link, I just search the thread.  I didn't see it.  

Your search would be as good as mine on this glory site =p

RuiOrey said:

Ok, cool.

Can you give me examples of games where that female or race agenda was forced so I can have a point of reference?

I don't keep close attention to it, but someone just made the Boxart of a prostetic woman fighting in WW2 I believe for Battlefield.

Ok, so I've watched trailers for battlefield 3 and 4. For me it seemed like a Michael Bay ultra-americanized "reality".
So not properly accurate in terms of reality.
Is that the problem with the new also? Lack of sincrony with reality?

And one more thing: ok I understand this is about Battlefield V boxart and trailer. Are there more examples of games with an "over" - I call it "more than usual" -  emphasis on diversitivy?

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