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Shiken said:
LiquorandGunFun said:
Dante will have white hair, because of the down right stupid outrage last game.

I believe the outrage was do to it being a reboot of a series that did not need a reboot.  The hair was only one part if a much larger, and justified, point.  Had the game been a new IP. as it should have been, it would not have gotten all the hate.


That is the problem with reboots in general IMO.  It is never ok to just throw away years of established lore.


God of War and Zelda BotW did it right.  Zelda took place so far in the future that it was basically a dragon break to the canon timelines, starting fresh while keeping the lore intact.


God of War did something similar, linking the mythologies of the world through realms and allowing a fresh continuation of Kratos' stort years in the future without retcon to the original trilogy and prequels.


Project DmC reboot was just unnecessary on all levels though.  It was niether needed nor wanted, and it showed in the game's sales.

I couldn't have said it better. [Claps]

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