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RuiOrey said:

The first software developer was Ada Lovelace -> a woman.

My boss is a structural engineer woman. I had good bosses guys and good bosses women and bad bosses women and bad bosses man.

There are guys I know that would not work for a woman. I don't give a shit. They are equal for me in terms of jobs capabilities and accountability.

 lI could not care less of a crap if women are all around in media.

Is different at minimum. Difference stimulates creativity.

Move on with your life.

Don't be afraid and complaining of losing you masculine identity all the time and crying about women taking on the media movies game whatever you play on your ass seated down.

That is not manly. That is childish.

Maybe you didn't read what I posted properly. I said, if you want to make a female, gay, transgender, black, asian, whatever character, MAKE A NEW ONE. DON'T CHANGE EXISTING ONES JUST FOR YOUR STUPID SOCIAL JUSTICE AGENDA.