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Azzanation said:
konnichiwa said:

They had one that got cancelled:


What a shame, I would eat up games like this, any game where it requires you to use your brain has my attention and RTS/Xcom styled games interests me alot. Gears works so well with the Xcom treatment.

I can understand why it was cancelled, it wouldn't of sold very well and only to the niche market.

Will see what there plans are for E3.

As I recall, that one was actually cancelled because it was a Kinect game, you ordered the troops around with your voice and hands using Kinect. That definitely would have flopped, so it made sense to cancel it at the time. I can see them reviving it more recently as a proper controller and mouse/keyboard game, and indeed, multiple sources in the last year or so have suggested that an XCOM like Gears spinoff is in development. At the very least we know some Gears spinoff is in development, Splash Damage has had job listings for Gears of War singleplayer, in the past they have only assisted with Gears of War multiplayer. 

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