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bugrimmar said:
Bristow9091 said:

You do realise all the other God of War games were the same when it came to executions, right? And by the way, the "attack" is actually called "Executioner's Cleave", and based on how they're performed (With the camera moving in for a good cinematic look), I'd say it's safe to call it an execution. (And it seems some people on the internet agree)

Also I put 42 hours into the game during my playthrough, and not once did I see this as a problem. 

Yes, of course I realize that the previous games had one execution for enemies too. But it's 2018. It's PS4. It's next gen. Are we supposed to be ok with old, lazy mechanics up to now? That's like saying we can forgive games like mass effect andromeda for having last gen facial animations.


And no, sorry, but the R2 axe move isn't an execution. It's an attack. You can do it anytime and it doesn't require any special conditions. It just looks like an execution when the guy is low health. Similar to any axe move kill. The R3 execution is supposed to be special and unique.

But facial animations =/= content... the execution animations look fine, you're basically saying the "lack" of executions (Which there aren't based on the series' history) is equal to badly handled animation of another game. Fixing the facial animations on Andromeda won't add more content to the game, but adding more execution animations will. In the case of God of War it's nothing to do with "old mechanics". 

As for the last part, I'm getting bored of trying to convince you, after all it's just an opinion anyway, but even throughout the game I had more fun holding R2 for a cleave execution than stunning them and pressing R3 since I preferred fighting with my axe over barehands anyway, and I thought axe executions were more brutal in terms of appearance when it came to fighting the majority of enemies. 

Honestly, you're better off just dropping this argument, and the attitude, and moving on to talk about any other aspects of your review, since this conversation clearly isn't going the way either of us expected.