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Bristow9091 said:
bugrimmar said:

Lol, you're telling me to go on YouTube to look for execution animations? Play the game, will you. You can only step on certain kinds of draugr's heads and you can only rip apart certain kinds too. Each enemy only has ONE animation.


How many ways to execute an ogre? A dark elf? A wulver? Just because two kinds of draugr have two animations doesn't mean everyone has them! Play the game before you comment! There's multiple per enemy? Is this a joke? Pfft.


The axe R2 move is an ATTACK. it's not an execution.

Funny you should say that, if you look on my wall you'll see on May 2nd I posted "Just finished God of War... it was beautiful."

Then if you played the game, you know for a fact that every enemy has one execution. If you can prove to me that you can execute wulvers, ogres, nightmares, etc. in two ways, I'll eat my hand. I'm referring to the R3 mechanic, not any other way.


Why am I complaining about this? Because it's not difficult to add one more per enemy. Probably a day's worth of motion capture work. It would break the monotony of doing the same thing over and over especially in certain muspelheim trials where you have to do the executions on 50 or so enemies. It's the same animations over and over. When you play it long enough, you can really see the problem.