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MasterThief said:
RidingMower said:
This day and age really surprises me how we are all connected using the internet, but also at the same time don't know anything and years go by without being the wiser. It's true that they're no other kart racing game quite like MarioKart on the market right now. Look at sales since it released and what it has sold on. The game has outsold the PS4 on a dying system, but publishers, developers, and even you VGChartz forum dwellers can't seem understand the power of a good kart racer.

a good arcade racer especially a kart racer is an instant buy to casuals and non casuals when they get a console.

kart racers not named "Mario" generally bomb heavily - Crash Team Racing seems very loved (but there never was a 2nd one, so I wonder about it's sales), the last Sonic kart racer did very well and I think Modnation Racers did ok, but apart from that I don't know any other successful one


MasterThief said:

but Sony went from making many arcade racers to none. I mean I don't think and never heard that they bombed commercially. they just stopped making them. like we have the upcoming Team Sonic Racing but man thats way late. where is a new wipeout? modnation? motorstorm? jet moto?. and other games that could be made for PS4.

you have 80 million consoles out there. put out a single arcade racer whatever it is for crying outloud. 

I don't think we went one year without an arcade racer last gen and now 5 years and none. 

they have 1, Driveclub

Motorstorm Apocalypse (which was great!!) and Driveclub (which had a very troubled launch) both seem to have flopped commercially, resulting in Sony closing the studio.

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