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Well, my computer died on me the other day and I had to get it replaced. I wonder if I could have helped keep the SNES in this.

I just never really understood the massive appeal of the PS2. It's not that I don't like the PS2 or anything, and I understand that it had a massive and varied library, but it just didn't have much that interested me. Gaming in general at the time was going through a period where most games didn't have much appeal to me. I already had a hard time really "getting" the shift to 3D for the most part, with Nintendo and Rare being responsible for like 95% of the games I liked from the previous generation, and I felt like gaming in general during those first two 3D generations was going through some adolescent growing pains (for lack of a better simile) which I felt it didn't fully get over until last generation. But with Nintendo going through a weird experimental phase with their GameCube output and Rare getting bought out by MS and ceasing to put out content of the same caliber they made during their many years with Nintendo, that left precious few games that really clicked with me in the 6th generation, especially on non-Nintendo systems. Even acclaimed and popular games like Metal Gear Solid and Grand Theft Auto failed to generate any enjoyment for me, with Halo CE being far and away my game of the generation.

Basically, I had a PS2 mainly for the same reason I had a PS1: Final Fantasy. There were a handful of other PS2 games that interested me enough to buy, most notably Shadow of the Colossus and Gradius V, but I simply don't have the fond memories of the system that so many others do. Meanwhile, the NES and SNES were responsible for at least 14 of my top 25 games ever, with only five games (Halo CE, Sonic 2, BioShock, Soul Calibur, and Halo: Reach) in my top 25 being titles that weren't a Nintendo exclusive at the time of their release. The only games in my Top 50 that were PS1 or PS2 first-party titles or were Sony exclusives on those systems when they came out were Final Fantasy VII, Gradius V, and SotC.