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The_Liquid_Laser said:

Congrats to the PS2!  It was the best selling console of all time, so it is a very worthy winner.


VGPolyglot said:
Oh yeah, PS1 and PS2 on the top, and I didn't even have to participate to do that!

Heh.   The funny thing to me is that a few months ago we did a "top 50 games of all time".  Nintendo games completely dominated that list to a ridiculous degree.  I think the top 19 out of 20 games went for Nintendo, so it is surprising that the top 2 consoles in this game went to Sony.  Maybe it was mostly different groups of people playing each game?  

Anyway, here are the top consoles of all time listed in order (according to how we voted).

1) Playstation 2
2) Playstation
3) Nintendo Entertainment System  
4) Super Nintendo
5) Nintendo DS
6) Playstation 4
7) Dreamcast

8) Nintendo Switch
9) Sega Genesis
10) Nintendo 3DS
11) GameCube
12) Nintendo 64
13) Playstation Portable
14) PS3
15) Game Boy Advance
16) Wii
17) GameBoy/GameBoy Color
18) Atari 2600
19) Sega Saturn
20) Sega Master System
21) TurboGrafx-16
22) Neo Geo
23) PlayStation Vita
24) Game Gear
25) Intellivision
26) ColecoVision
27) Magnavox Odyssey2
28) Wii U
29) Neo Geo CD
30) Atari 7800
31) Xbox One
32) Sega 32x
33) Xbox 360
34) Sega Nomad
35) Atari Lynx
36) Xbox
37) Atari Jaguar
38) Magnavox Odyssey
39) 3DO
40) Virtual Boy
41) Atari 5200
42) Wonderswan
43) Action Max
44) Game.Com
Nokia N-Gage
Phillips CD-i 

Great list! To be fair, once it got down to the top 10 it was hard to vote. They are all such good consoles. By the end of this gen, PS4 might even be ranked a little higher with Soul Calibur VI, Valkyria Chronicles 4, and Shenmue III yet to be released.