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AlfredoTurkey said:
Kyuu said:

Sony will dominate MS again and it will be even more one sided than this generation.

What makes you so sure of this?

The PS2 absolutely dominated the generation.

The PS3 came out a year later, $200 more, and had HORRIBLE PR.  It still for the most part beat/tied the Xbox 360.

The PS4 is again absolutely dominating.

And while the XB2 won't repeat their mistakes (Forced kinect, horrible PR, costing more but being less) there are some mistakes they will easily repeat. They aren't building a lot of new studios. They are investing in timed exclusives more than actual exclusives.  They have no relationship with Japan what so ever.

Plus as far as console sales go, with XB releasing every game on PC - they will sell  less consoles. I am personally never going to get another one.

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