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Pemalite said:
Maxosaurus-rex said:
This thread is just one example of many of how bad the left actually are. Make stuff up. Ignore facts. Claim they don't act like the right

The Left and the Right are as bad as each other, you would be a fool to assume otherwise.
Rather, hows about you stop delving into ad hominem and debate the topics that are presented instead?

Kaneman! said:

To the second point of your statement, why does the US demand denuclearization of North Korea, but not Israel or Pakistan?

This is a damn good question.
I bet if Australia were to build Nuclear Weapon no one on the planet would actually give a shit. - In-fact, I am pretty sure a statement from the US years ago said they would allow it.

I think the issue comes down to a countries interests though, if your interests have historically, culturally and politically aligned with the USA, then chances are... They will turn a blind eye.


If you notice, I'm the only one presenting sources instead of making baseless political rant posts