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the-pi-guy said:
bugrimmar said:

1. That's the point isn't it? We have no clue if they're better yet because of this forced diversity movement, just hire the woman anyway whether she's as good as the other guy or not. Isn't that what's going on? It's like companies have token positions for certain types of people simply to fill the slot and be labeled as diverse.

I want to know where exactly it is happening where "better men" are getting passed over for "worse women".

Just because you complain about a thing, doesn't mean that thing exists.  

bugrimmar said:

2. Yes, if the homosexual nature or change of character into female is part of the story. But what if it isn't? The two examples I mentioned, Ghostbusters and Troy fall of a city, show it well.

Ghostbusters went all female. For what? Does it make a difference whether they're female or male? No, they did it just to force the concept of a female Ghostbusters team. It's not because we needed female leads because the story is female driven. In fact, it's a movie about shooting energy weapons that take a lot of strength. Look at the original Ghostbusters, how the actors struggled to fire those weapons. So basically, change it so that the weapons require no effort so we can be "inclusive". The fact is those roles didn't need to be all female. Mix them then if you want. But why all female? Just forced diversity.

It doesn't make a difference, but it's worth complaining about anyway?  

Why is it so terrible that a film decided to switch their genders from the original movie?  

Here's the issue:

All male cast: okay

All female cast: forced diversity!  

bugrimmar said:

And homosexual Achilles. Really? Do I need to explain this nonsense? It's a blatant effort to just add a homosexual character in the show. That's why his character sucked. It doesn't fit. It simply doesn't. In the show, he's constantly ridiculed for his homosexuality, but in the original, he's supposed to be this admired conquering hero. How does that make sense? It's clear they just decided to make his character like that for forced diversity.

I haven't seen the show.  But my questions based on my googling:

-What original?  

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a direct result of a team practicing diversity hiring. It was so bad, EA had to get another team to fix the game and poor sales caused them to put the series on hold. And if you don't think it's happening elsewhere, you're fooling yourself.

Of course female Ghostbusters was forced diversity. It was originally planned to be two females and two males. But then the studio decided to make it all about girl power, hiring mostly woman for the crew, even taking a picture of them all with the sign girl power. They even used sexism as a way to avoid responding to legit criticism. Congrats, your girl power churned out a shitty flop.

Its the same bullshit they're pulling with SW, which is turning fans off of the product. The Force is female. It's fine for Rey to be a Mary Sue. The character of Rose, who adds absolutely nothing to the story and actually prevents Finn from doing something heroic,  is treated like she's a great character and if you disagree you're sexist. Lando is pansexual. It cost them $700M+ with TLJ. Now, 66% of the users on RT are saying they don't want to watch the Solo movie. Kathleen Kennedy is ruining that franchise with her political views being forced into the films. 

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