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bugrimmar said:

1. Sorry but I won't explain something so obvious anymore. It's simply too obvious.

Okay, I'll just believe what you are telling me with no evidence.  I've never seen any of this happening, but I'll take your word that it's obviously happening out there.  

bugrimmar said:

2. Like I said, how heavy are proton packs? How much recoil is there in shooting energy weapons? Did you watch the original? They struggled to fire that stuff. Because it was heavy.

So why change the parameters of the franchise? The proton packs should behave the same way yes? If not, why not just make a whole different franchise? Well obviously, if we retain the original Ghostbusters lore, we can't have females lugging around all that heavy equipment. But nooooo nevermind the lore, nevermind the concept, just all female! Don't matter whether we stick to the story!

Alternatively, we could imagine that something like 30 years passed, and maybe the technology got better and they weren't as heavy.  

How heavy something was, wasn't something I paid immense attention to in any of the movies.   

The fact that 30 years later, the actors didn't seem to struggle with the equipment, wasn't exactly something on my mind.  

(Besides that one lady said she was going to make some adjustments so that it wasn't as overpowering.)

bugrimmar said:

3. Don't watch it. The series absolutely sucks.

What, you didn't study Greek mythology in middle school? If you have any idea about Achilles whatsoever, you know that this rendition was absolutely trash. Again, why fool around with the lore? Why fool around with the characters parameters?

That's the original you're meaning?  Funny that you should mention that.  

Historically, Achilles was portrayed as homosexual at various times in ancient Greece.  


Those ancient Greeks changing their own stories like that for the sake of diversity.  For shame.