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the-pi-guy said:
1. How do you know they are less talented? I'm not seeing this big fall in quality due to more females in the process. But there are plenty of women who get passed over despite being just as good as their male counterpart.

2. This point doesn't really make any sense. Why is being a woman being done for inclusion, while being a man isn't? If the gender doesnt matter, why does it matter if the main characters are female?

Even including stuff like homosexuality. What does it matter? It's a characteristization, in which case it doesn't matter.
Or it's part of the story, in which case that's their right to change their story however they see fit.

3. Yep. Everyone is in favor of that.

At the end of the day, movies, games, etc are made by companies that want to maximize how much they are making. If that means that if enough people want to see a change over not seeing that change, they are going to make that change (or not) to make their bottom line better.

1. That's the point isn't it? We have no clue if they're better yet because of this forced diversity movement, just hire the woman anyway whether she's as good as the other guy or not. Isn't that what's going on? It's like companies have token positions for certain types of people simply to fill the slot and be labeled as diverse.


2. Yes, if the homosexual nature or change of character into female is part of the story. But what if it isn't? The two examples I mentioned, Ghostbusters and Troy fall of a city, show it well.


Ghostbusters went all female. For what? Does it make a difference whether they're female or male? No, they did it just to force the concept of a female Ghostbusters team. It's not because we needed female leads because the story is female driven. In fact, it's a movie about shooting energy weapons that take a lot of strength. Look at the original Ghostbusters, how the actors struggled to fire those weapons. So basically, change it so that the weapons require no effort so we can be "inclusive". The fact is those roles didn't need to be all female. Mix them then if you want. But why all female? Just forced diversity.


And homosexual Achilles. Really? Do I need to explain this nonsense? It's a blatant effort to just add a homosexual character in the show. That's why his character sucked. It doesn't fit. It simply doesn't. In the show, he's constantly ridiculed for his homosexuality, but in the original, he's supposed to be this admired conquering hero. How does that make sense? It's clear they just decided to make his character like that for forced diversity. I have nothing against having a homosexual character but why do you have to force it when it simply doesn't fit?