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Bait aside. Not everything has to be about minorities, women or gayness. It's ridiculous to add these "themes! into games, media or other art just for the sake of it. If they decide to do it of their own will and artistic vision then yes, let them but shoehorning it in like with Bioware games and what not is beyond idiotic (Besides for Dorian in DA:I), people can smell the virtue signaling a mile of and end up despising that matter.

I don't know why most LGBT people have to define their selves by their sexuality and make it the whole focus of their lives, front and center, I am't homophobic in the slightest but these people annoy the living shit out of me. I don't go around telling every random stranger I'm hetrosexual. I know all gay people aren't like this in the same way all feminists are shrude, spiteful and bitter hags.

As for a woman protagonist they would get such backlash having a woman doing the stuff you do in GTA like killing crowds of gang members and anti hero stuff, They won't be able to win either way and if they do, do it I hope it isn't for the wrong reasons.

Silly thread.