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Best Xbox 360 Game - Portal/The Orange Box

Best FPS/TPS - Bioshock
Best Racer - Forza 2
Best Action Game - Condemned: Criminal Origins
Best Adventure - Kameo
Best RPG (J and W) - Oblivion
Best RTS/Strategy Game - ?? (Haven't played any)
Best "Other" Game - Portal
Best Xbox 360 (Console) Exclusive - Bioshock
Best MultiPlatform Game - Portal/The Orange Box
Best Fighter - ?? (Haven't played any)
XBLA Game - Rez HD

"'Casual games' are something the 'Game Industry' invented to explain away the Wii success instead of actually listening or looking at what Nintendo did. There is no 'casual strategy' from Nintendo. 'Accessible strategy', yes, but ‘casual gamers’ is just the 'Game Industry''s polite way of saying what they feel: 'retarded gamers'."

 -Sean Malstrom